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Monday Motivation!

Welcome, Monday!

Valentine's Day & the day after the Super Bowl! Woah! How we feeling?

A few weeks ago we had a great discussion on the difference & impact of commitment vs discipline vs passion. It seems like an old age debate where the obvious answer, IMHO, is all 3 are needed for success. Passion leads to commitment but passion is a feeling; as with all feelings, it can be fleeting. Self-discipline is what enables the commitment to be met & the passion to return.

Over on the instagram, I've been doing a "move 1 everyday" challenge since the middle of December. I committed to run at least 1 mile every day until 12/31/22. Other people committed to walking or dancing or 50 push-ups each day until the end of 2022. Come join us if you think it'll help you! Follow #move1everyday and me,

There have been MANY days I have been a bit frustrated I made this public commitment and not just because of the cold & snow. However, the fact that, after running today, I will have done it for 62 days, is DEFINITELY something. In one way, as I already knew, the commitment simplified a lot of my running "struggle," mostly in terms of which would be the best days to run. In commitment, the decision isn't whether to run or not, just how many. And...since that first decision is removed, I find myself more likely to stick to the plan. I do flex some days, especially now that someone else is creating my running plans(for another post, another day), but that mostly includes just flipping the days, not rejigging the entire plan!

Where are you with your self-discipline? What is in the way of you being where you want to be? What would be different if that were out the way? DM or grab time with me if you want to chat about it,

What are your habits that you rarely miss?

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