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A little Friday Woo-Woo

Do you know what Oracle cards are? Two-ish years ago, I had never heard of them. My coach gifted them to me when we did Ayahuasca and I've been into them ever since. They are decks, I guess a bit like Tarot, though I've never had a Tarot reading so I can't say for sure. You pick cards from the deck and get guidance into whatever is going on for you. I pull them for projects or before a meeting, when I need something outside myself and what's going on, to focus on; a shift in perspective. Recently, I've started doing a three card reading almost every day. I love it! And. I can't believe that I do it and love it! The old me would never have dreamed I'd be this into them.

Today I pulled these:

Eagle spirit is about what's in motion now, the ability and willingness to soar to new heights, about gaining elevation and flying with confidence. Swan spirit is about hidden underlying influences, knowing self deeper all the potential around you for connection, and diving deeper to access all of your own self knowledge. Grasshopper spirit is about what to do now to stay on course for the highest good for all, specifically to take a leap into the unknown (hence this email). I draw whatever is helpful for me, for that day, from each card. During the day, sometimes I try to spot signs from each of the animals I've pulled. It's just a little joy/silliness/magic in the day.

And now, I want to offer it to you! I'm offering 15 minute zoom calls to my email subscribers, where I'll pull three cards for you. You can ask them to be pulled for the day, the week, the month, a specific project or decision you have to make, whatever you want. I often want to pull them more than once, just because of how fun I think it is, so this is my way of scratching that itch =) While the call is 15 minutes, I have a 15 minute buffer after it, if YOU want to talk longer than 15 minutes. Otherwise, you can connect, get your reading/pull and head out! It's just a way for us to connect quickly and bring more joy to my day.

Sign up for my newsletter & access to schedule your reading here:

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