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The kaleidoscopic glasses in the rays of light on the rich blue background. There is space

What is kaleidoscope?

Just like you change your view with a quick twist of the traditional children's toy, kaleidoscope is a group coaching program that will enable you to see your self & life from a multitude of perspectives. 

Get back that feeling of control in life and start being the person you've been trying to be!


The Basics

What You Get

I love traditional trainings & reading self development books but if you want REAL change, you need to actively engage someone to stand for you & all that you want.

That's what you get in Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope is for the "I don't know" questions in your mind:

  • "I don't know" what I my next job/career move should be,

  • "I don't know" what I really want out of a partner,

  • "I don't know" how I could ever have more time for myself,

  • "I don't know" how I'll know when is the right time to start my own business & if it's a good idea,

  • "I don't know" how to get to that next promotion


You see a gap between who you want to be & how you currently show up. 

In Kaleidoscope, we will get to the heart of how you want your life to go, what you want to be doing & what is really getting in your way. You may feel like one of those pieces in the end of that old kaleidoscope toy, but that's how we grow & move forward: by looking at things we don't want to or can't even see.


Space is limited & we're not accepting just anyone. We're taking driven people who crave real momentum & change; people committed to showing up differently, being open & doing the work for the next 3 months to achieve it. 

Is that you?

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